3... 2… 1… JUMP!

As many of you may know, I am currently on NBC's new matchmaking reality dating show, ‘Ready For Love.’ When I made the decision a year ago to participate on the show, my friends, family and even agents all thought I was nuts! It’s a huge risk to put myself out there in such a vulnerable and private way on national television, in order to look for a life partner. But I believe in two things… Big risks can lead to big rewards! And I would much rather live with an ‘Oh Well’ than a ‘What If?’

This same belief applies to pageants. It’s a scary thing to decide to compete in a beauty pageant and be ‘judged’ on the way you look, the way you talk and the way you walk (let alone in a bikini and 4 inch heels!!!). But the big risk can lead to a tremendous reward! Your life can change forever! And so many new doors will open to you! But what if things don’t turn out the way you hoped they would? Well, then chalk it up to an ‘Oh Well’ and try again, this time being more prepared and ready for the challenge! And how can you get more prepared? Train with two girls who have ‘been there, done that!’ Susie and I are offering just that!! We train young women to be their BEST SELF, through guidance on nutrition, tips on beauty and secrets to success in our workshops! Be sure to look for one near you!!

Shandi Skydiving.jpg

Now, back to the idea of facing fears and taking chances… I recently put myself in another vulnerable situation when I made the crazy decision to jump out of a plane. Why? Truthfully, I have no idea. It was something I had wanted to do when I was a teenager, but as I got older, the desire faded, and slowly the idea of launching myself out of a perfectly good plane with a stranger strapped to my back seemed absolutely ridiculous! However, I believe that you have to step out of your comfortable little box once in awhile and do something you never thought you would or could do! Now granted, from this video, it doesn’t look like I gained much from this experience except the near miss of wetting myself from the absolute terror of plummeting to the earth, but I did! I conquered a fear and learned my strength! And from way up above, I realized how insignificant our own problems seem. Life is short. Too short. It is meant to be LIVED!

So with that, I challenge you… Step out of the box you’ve been living in. Do something that you’re afraid of! Maybe jump out of a plane! Or decide to go back to school to get a higher education! Maybe mend a broken, distant relationship you never thought you would. Or perhaps train to be the best YOU you could possibly be and compete for the pageant you always wanted to win!

Life is out there waiting for you…. LIVE IT!

XO, Shandi