Perfectly Flawed

Our friends at the non-profit organization I Am That Girl are changing the world and here at Pageantology we share in their mission. We regularly receive email updates from I Am That Girl Local which are always so inspirational and put us in the right state of mind to proceed in life with much-needed perspective, and thought we'd share their latest IATG challenge.

It's pure awesomeness that we could always use, especially when competing in pageants!

In pageantry, we often encounter the "mean girl" every now and then and we have a choice when it comes to how we see her. Just like we choose to see the beauty in the world, we can also choose to see the beauty in others no matter what. We can tell you from experience that seeing the good is always the healthiest path. It doesn't mean you have to be their BFF, but you can interact with them knowing that we're ALL flawed in some way and send them positive vibes. The idea of perfection doesn't exist really. The one thing that's true is that we're all perfectly flawed and it's not a bad thing. Those imperfections are what makes us unique and accepting them makes us authentic! But seeing others and the world with this much positivity is a constant practice. A practice that we know will make your next pageant experience THAT much better!

So, our sweet Pageantologists-in-training, let’s take this challenge together and make a conscious choice to see all the beauty that surrounds us...always! The grass, the warm sun, laughter, the girl who won the pageant instead of you, the not-so-nice pageant director, your parents, the mean girl, the softness of a particular fabric...everything!

Let us know what you experienced today that was beautiful, hopeful, or positive. We’d love to hear how your IATG challenge went today so be sure to tell us about it in the comment section below.

And if you’re not already part of the IATG community, do yourself a huge favor and check out their website. Be THAT girl with a Pageantology twist : )


Susie & Shandi