Proud to be YOU!

One of the best pieces of advice I ever received for the swimsuit competition was nearly impossible to believe when I first heard it. Wanna know what that advice was? Here it goes…

The swimsuit competition is often won from the neck up!

Yup, you heard me. Sounds crazy, right? I thought so too when I first heard it. But it’s true! Want to know why? Well, girlfriend to girlfriend, yes a toned and healthy body is important but what the judges are really looking for is a woman who's confident in her skin and loves her body! A girl can have a rockin’ physique but if she doesn’t love herself and feel good about her body, it shows. And vice versa… A girl can have an average body but you can tell by the way she holds herself and moves across the stage that she is healthy and confident, loves herself and is proud of the way she looks. And THAT girl tends to score higher by the judges!

I've even seen this myself while judging pageants at the local, state and national levels. The girl that I give the highest score in swimsuit to usually has a decent body, but by no means has the best body at the pageant! However, she has a subtle confidence (not to be mistaken with arrogance) and it's obvious she is confident in how she looks in her swimsuit and she truly loves her body!

Take a look at the swimsuit competition at Miss USA 2004. There are plenty of amazing bodies in the competition but the girls who move across the stage with confidence and ease are the ones who stand out the most!

Another example comes from Susie. She was recently invited to judge a state pageant where one of the contestants wasn't in the best shape for the pageant but was SUPER confident on stage. The judges panel loved her enthusiasm and attitude and gave her decent scores. The next day during interview, Susie and the judges panel read in her bio that she had lost over 40 lbs and to celebrate her accomplishment, she decided to enter the pageant! This contestant worked hard and was rightfully proud of her much healthier body even though she knew others were in better shape. Because of the love she had for herself, she had more confidence than some of the girls that were in great shape. She was also having WAY more fun which improved her stage presence. And because of this... she ended up making the top 15!

So yes, get your body it tip-top shape! Be the best YOU you can possibly be! But also, learn to love and appreciate the body God gave you. There's only ONE of you. Be proud to be YOU!

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