The Hand-Written Note

Communication is a skill that you can learn. It's like riding a bicycle or typing. If you're willing to work at it, you can rapidly improve the quality of every part of your life. 
-Brian Tracy

The hand-written note is a lost art that can be a wonderful networking tool so I want to encourage every #PageantologyGirl to get some personalized stationary asap and take your attitude of gratitude to paper!

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When I send hand-written notes to people, more often than not, when the person receives it, they call, text or email me to thank me for the 'thank you' note! It's sweet but it tells me that their happy surprise comes from the fact that people just don't send them anymore. With modern technology being the way it is, I people have gotten flat out lazy and just opt for sending their 'thank yous' via text or email which I find sad.

I'll admit it....I'm a sucker for personalized stationary and love going to those paper stores to order them : ) It's a weird addiction to fine paper, embossing and fonts that started when I took a book-making class in college. I can easily spend more time than humanly needed at places like Papersource.


This was my Miss USA stationary. I saved a few of course : )

This was my Miss USA stationary. I saved a few of course : )

I've been sending out hand-written 'thank you' notes since I was Miss USA 2003. Shortly after I was crowned, I remember walking into my office at the Miss Universe Organization one day and finding a box on my desk. MUO had ordered beautiful personalized stationary for me to send 'thank yous' during my reign. The stationary was a gorgeous white, heavy card stock with "Susie Castillo, Miss USA 2003" printed at the top in a turquoise blue color. I remember running my fingers over the beautiful card and thinking, "wow, this is classy!' I felt so fancy! LOL! It was the first time I had ever owned personalized stationary and couldn't wait to send notes to everyone I would meet that year. I used to travel with them, the envelopes already stamped, so that I could immediately write a 'thank you' to whomever I had just met and put it in the nearest mailbox! I still do this with meetings today so that the conversation is fresh on my mind and I can maybe reference something we spoke about in my 'thank you' if I want.

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Communicating and showing appreciation to someone who has taken the time in their schedules to meet with you is extremely important after a business meeting so don't just hit them up on FB or Twitter for God's sake! 

I have sent a hand-written 'thank you' after every single meeting for the last 11 years that I've worked in the entertainment industry and I encourage you to do the same. Not only will you express your gratitude but it's also an awesome way to stay on the person's mind days after your meeting which is why I say it's a great networking tool!

Below are some examples of personalized stationary that are beautiful and simple. Personalized stationary is sold at different price points too so it's affordable no matter what your budget is. You can also find some lovely designs at stores like Target. They even have them for kids, which I LOVE of course! It's never too early to get in the habit of mailing out hand-written notes.

And check out my favorite stationary website (yup, I have a fav stationary website, lol) where I order mine,

Stay Classy My Pageantology Girls! And let me know if you have a favorite paper store or website that you love so I can check it out!