"Tip Talk" with Miss MA USA 2013, Sarah Kidd

Sarah's winning moment!

Sarah's winning moment!

Our first guest blogger is the incredibly lovely, Sarah Kidd, who I met last fall when I judged the Miss MA USA pageant. It was fun to return to the pageant where it all began for me, only now as a judge! It was a difficult decision as there were so many women worthy of the crown, but Sarah is so dynamic, smart and my-oh-my, was that gown awesome on stage!

I asked Sarah to be a guest blogger on Pageantology.com and below she tells her evening gown story, which I think has a great message attached--listen to our "gut" feeling when making decisions on competition wardrobe. It's a great pageant tip!


Here's Sarah:

When I won Miss Massachusetts USA 2013 the number one compliment I got was how beautiful my gown was. The funny part is, it's a rather simple gown with just the right amount of sparkle and pizazz. I believe it is important when hunting for the perfect gown to not only find a gown you think is beautiful, but one that is right for your body, look, and personality. I competed three times for this title and the first two times I competed I let others influence my decisions on what I should wear. I always wanted a white gown but I was constantly told that white was not the right choice for me because I am young and it would make me look like a teen.

Last year, I chose to go with a black gown because of these comments. On my third and final try for the crown, I let go of everyone's opinion and went with my own. I decided that because I have darker hair and a more olive skin tone, I wanted the white gown. Not because it's a "winning" color, but because it's the right color for me.

I chose to add accents of red to avoid having the wedding dress feel in a white gown, and I chose jersey fabric to show off my body shape. I have a thin but curvy body so I wanted a style to accentuate that. It's important to know your body and know what styles will enhance your features. I was also aware that I have long legs, so I added a slit. I wanted to be conservative from the front but show that I was also daring so we added an extremely low back.


When choosing your gown, be precise about all aspects of it and consider the options of designing your own or tailoring a gown to make it your own. Going with the perfect cut, color, and style for you is what's most important. Don't let others influence your decisions because only you know what will look best and make you feel your best.

Best of luck with your future pageant prep!


Sarah Kidd

Miss MA USA 2013