Tip Talk #2: Miss MA USA 2013, Sarah Kidd

Photo by Fadil Berisha

Photo by Fadil Berisha

Being a titleholder is a huge blessing, but it's also a full time job. As Miss Massachusetts USA 2013, I have somehow managed to finish my final year of college and earn my degree and license as a Dental Hygienist. On top of being in school full time and having a entire work load of science classes to study for, I also interned at a Community Health Center providing dental care to an underserved population with barriers to normal dental care. If that's not enough to fill your time, try adding my many licensing exams, appearances and meetings almost every day to that schedule.

As you can tell, having all of these responsibilities has not been easy. With that said, however, I have been able to happily balance everything and stay focused on all of my goals. My weapon of choice to be able to do all of this is a small calendar that I keep in my purse. I write every appearance, meeting, homework assignment, exam, patient schedule and more into my calendar and then color code it with highlighters to stay organized. I even try to schedule in time for my friends and family on my calendar to make sure I'm giving myself time to unwind and take a break. I try to stay on top of everything and finish assignments and research papers earlier than scheduled to take some stress off because there's no way I could be successful if I were to procrastinate. Most importantly, I always take a step back when I'm feeling stressed to take a deep breath and remind myself that if I focus and complete the task at hand, everything will get done. I always remind myself that it will all fall into place eventually and--

everything will work out.

Life is all about a healthy balance of relaxation and busy moments which is why staying on top of everything in your life makes it easier to balance it all.



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