Unconditional Acceptance


Healthy competition is fine but not when it consumes your mind. Don’t get distracted or waste time by constantly comparing yourself with the girl standing next to you. That won’t get you anywhere! If you mentally beat yourself up listing all the ways someone else is better, younger, thinner, smarter, prettier or more successful than you, you will never feel “GOOD ENOUGH” no matter what.

Instead, try something productive… Compare yourself to where you were yesterday, a week ago, last year. Strive to be better, inside and out, each day of your life. Try to make better choices with your meals. Maybe opt for a plant based diet! Try to get some activity in each day that raises your heart rate and gets your blood flowing. Try to be a better person… kinder, less judgmental (of others AND yourself), better listener. Speak words that build and heal, rather than words that destroy and hurt. Spend some time in the sunshine and soak up the vitamin D! But most importantly, learn to truly love yourself, flaws and all.

One way that you can learn to do this is with a little exercise I learned years ago. Take a note card and write on it:

I accept myself unconditionally right now.

Then post this card somewhere you will see it at least twice a day (A bathroom mirror is ideal, unless you’ll have friends coming over, using that bathroom and thinking you’ve lost your marbles). Now, twice every day, morning and night, look at yourself in the mirror and recite those words. Do this for 30 days straight. Don’t be surprised if you feel funny at first and doubt yourself. Your inner voice may say judgmental things back to you like, “Oh yeah? Look at those thighs!” or “Ha! Who are you fooling with frizzy hair like yours?” No matter what that voice says though, you keep on speaking those words!

After about 2 weeks, you’ll start to see something slowly shift in your consciousness. You'll start to love yourself just as you are in that moment. This doesn't mean you will stop working toward your health and fitness goals. Rather, it means you will accept yourself just as you are while on your journey toward your own personal best!