Tip Talk: Style Studio's Keylee Sanders

"What should I wear for interview competition?"

...it's a question we hear all the time and some of you have requested that we blog about it so here it is!

I couldn't think of a better person to address this topic than my friend, Keylee Sanders, who's an extremely talented and successful Hollywood stylist. In fact, I can't wait to land my next hosting gig so I can hire her to be my stylist for the show : ) Keylee is also a former Miss Teen USA so she knows exactly what your feeling when choosing your interview look.

FYI, Keylee's blog is amazing as well so make sure you check it out! 

Here's Keylee:

We judge people by what they are wearing within the first 20 seconds of meeting them.  During personal interviews you are literally face to face with your judges and your wardrobe choice is just as important as your answers. As a former contestant, state director, sometimes judge and a professional wardrobe stylist, these are my top three things to remember when choosing your interview look:

1.  What you are wearing should reflect your personality. The right outfit can covey a lot about you, good or bad, before you even open your mouth!!! Like with all competition clothing you want to feel at your most confident and beautiful when wearing it. Pick a color that works with your skin tone and a style that flatters your figure.

2. No big statement jewelry. The only statements that should be made during interview are your well thought out answers. You especially want to avoid any distracting or noise making jewelry- bangles, too many stones, charm pieces, etc.

3. Never wear anything too tight or uncomfortable. Nothing is more distracting than when a contestant is pulling on her skirt because it is too short or teetering on her heels because they are uncomfortable.  

Above all remember you are interviewing for a job; yes, being a titleholder is a job! So when you pick the wardrobe for this most important stage of competition think of what you wear for an interview or first day of work at Vogue Magazine and you will be spot on! 

Stay Stylish & Good Luck,



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