A Second Leap of Faith

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I recently went skydiving... for the second time!  Why? I had been asking myself that every minute of the 120 minute drive to Santa Barbara last week.

Last April, I took my first leap out of a plane with a strange man I had just met strapped to my back. It was something I had always wanted to do but with age, both fear and logic seeped in and I realized I must be nuts to want to go skydiving! That's when I decided I would go ahead, bite the bullet and take the leap of faith. However, although I faced one of my biggest fears, I honestly can't say that I enjoyed the experience. I was so scared, all I could think was "Oh my God, Oh my God!" (which you can clearly see in the video). Even though I could now check that off my "bucket list," I felt I needed to go again. I wanted to jump again but rather than just pray for my feet to be back on the Earth, I wanted to be present in the sky... to FLY! So, what did I do? I booked another skydiving jump!

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 The truth is...

We don't grow when things are easy.

We grow and learn the most when we face challenges head on!   

And fly, I did!

It was truly the most rewarding, incredible experience of my life! I am so glad I faced my fears a second time or I never would have realized the pure joy that I could feel from skydiving! In fact, it was so amazing, I am already scheduled for a 3rd jump this fall!!

So, I challenge you! Try to find new ways to challenge yourself; new ways to step out of the box you've been living in. Perhaps you've faced a challenge once but it was too scary to really enjoy or gain anything out of the experience. Try it again!

And while you're at it, bring a friend! Nothing is better than making amazing memories but making amazing memories with a friend! 


So where are my adventures taking me next? Rome, Italy!  Stay tuned... Ciao!

XO, Shandi