Pageantology Twitter Event: Miss Teen USA 2013

Hello our little Tweethearts!

Join us tomorrow evening on our Twitter page as we'll be LIVE tweeting on all things Miss Teen USA 2013! We'll watch the pageant together and you can ask us your pageant questions and follow along as we comment on the gowns, swimsuits and the finalists.

WHEN: Saturday, August 10th (tomorrow!)  at 8pm ET

WHERE: Tune in to the LIVE stream of the Miss Teen USA 2013 pageant on Then follow us on Twitter and join the Pageantology discussion.

WHY: Why not?! Where else can people across the country watch the pageant together while simultaneously sharing commentary? Look out for our Miss Teen USA fun facts too! It's gonna be a fun night! We're especially excited because our BFF and Miss Teen USA 2003, Tami Farrell, is the host! 



Susie & Shandi