Tip Talk: Miss MA Teen USA 2013, Madyson Milordy

Hello friends!

With the Miss Teen USA 2013 pageant about to happen tomorrow (finals on Saturday), I thought I'd reach out to our MA representative and ask her:

Is there anything that you feel you did differently than the other girls to win Miss MA Teen USA?

Here's what Madyson had to say:

Last year at Miss Massachusetts Teen USA, I kept calm the whole time by meditating and being in the present moment. For several months prior to the competition, I meditated daily and really focused on my breathing as well as being conscious of my entire body. My meditation skills grew stronger and it really helped me when I competed. When the nerves would begin to creep up on me, I could easily relax my eyes and body, tune into my breathing and find a peaceful place while reciting some of my favorite scriptures.


My largest piece of advice for girls competing in pageants would definitely be to just be yourself. The saying seems so cliche, however, the year I received first runner up at Miss Massachusetts Teen USA, I was trying to be what I thought a "beauty queen" was suppose to be, instead of just being myself. The great thing about "being yourself" is no one else can do it as well as you and it is much easier to be you than try to be someone else!  Staying focused, being prepared, having fun, and being true to yourself will definitely allow you to enjoy the competition and perform to the very best of your ability!

I LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing this great piece of advice Madyson! Meditation is so important and something I make time for in my life as well.

I'm so impressed Madyson found the benefits of meditation so early in life! Kudos to her and we wish her the best of luck as she competes for the title of Miss Teen USA 2013 this weekend! The Miss Teen USA preliminary competition is tonight at 8pm ET and the finals is tomorrow evening 8pm ET. You can watch the Miss Teen USA competition LIVE from the Bahamas. The show will be hosted by our dear friend and pageant sister, Tami Farrell (Miss Teen USA 2003)! 

Shandi and I are hosting a LIVE! Twitter event and we invite you to join us tomorrow night for the Miss Teen USA finals!  We're gonna have a blast : )

Btw, do you meditate like Madyson? Tell us how it's helped you or if you have any relaxation tips to share, you can do so below in the comment section.

Lots of love,