5 Ways To Rock An Interview

Whether you are walking into your private interview for Miss USA or you are interviewing for your dream job... Here's a few sure-fire ways to put you on your A-game!

#1.  People won't remember what you said but rather how you made them feel.  This takes the pressure off of knowing the exact right thing to say.  Just be YOU and make the person asking the questions feel comfortable in the room with you.  On every single judges panel I have been on, there is at least one judge who is nervous, and that judge tends to give his/her highest scores to the person who made him/her feel most comfortable!  So relax and have FUN with the interview!

#2.  Trick yourself into thinking you already know the person you are meeting.  Before walking into the interview, tell yourself "I have known these people for years!  I can't wait to see them!  It's been awhile and I can not wait to catch up!  There is so much to share!!"  Then visualize the interview experience... See yourself walking into the room, full of confidence and excitement. See yourself having a CONVERSATION with them, rather than a question/answer experience.  What is it that you can't wait to tell your friends?  What are you most excited to share?  This may all sound goofy but we are in charge of our minds and the power of suggestion goes a long way.

#3.  If you have the opportunity, refer to people by their name.  People love to hear their own names.  Studies show that it immediately establishes a sense of trust, likability and friendship.

#4.  You're not nervous.  You are COURAGEOUS!  You're not alone with your nervous feelings.  Every single person who walks in that room is feeling the same way that you are.  But you have an opportunity to view your nerves as something different.  It has been proven that the physical effects of stress (meaning the jitters you get, the shortness of breath, the rapid heart rate) are identical to the physical effects of courage!  So when you start to feel nervous and stressed, redefine it in your mind:  You are getting courageous and ready for a challenge!  Don't see it as a threat but rather an opportunity to show your courage!

#5.  Everyone is rooting for you!  Whether you are walking into a judging panel at a pageant, interviewing for your dream job or auditioning for a role of a lifetime...  Trust me when I say this...  The people you are meeting with WANT YOU TO WIN!  They are looking for the best person for the job and each person that walks in, they hope is the person they fall in love with!  So hold your head up high and walk into that room with confidence, assuming everyone already likes you and wants you to be THE ONE!

Now take these tips and tools with you into your next interview and ROCK it!!

XO, Shandi