Video: Our Miss Teen USA 2014 Recap

Pageants are just SO MUCH FUN aren't they?!

In our case, "once a beauty queen, always a beauty queen" is definitely true! Here are our thoughts on last nights Miss Teen USA 2014 pageant and this time we invited Miss Teen USA 2003 and co-founder of Blue Canoe Productions, one of our BFFs, Tami Farrell, to join us:

Fun little story: I first met Tami when I was Miss USA 2003. She won Miss Teen USA that year and moved into the Miss Universe Organization titleholder apartment in NYC and the rest was history. It's hard not to get along with Tami. She's the best and has a heart of pure gold! Before I crowned Shandi Miss USA 2004, I was packing up my Miss USA room and Tami joked that she would not like whoever I crowned and moved in. HA! So, when Shandi moved in Tami put a rubber rat on her bed as a joke and Shandi then put it in the refrigerator to scare her when she went in there in the morning. And that my friends, was the beginning of our fun friendship. We all still play practical jokes on each other : ) Sisters for life!

And here's Tami's crowning moment (we still cry when we watch this!). Once upon a time, Miss Teen USA was televised on NBC. We wish it still was:

*shout out to my MA pageant sister, Jackie Bruno, who's now a successful news reporter in our home state of MA. The 2003 MA girls almost took home BOTH crowns that year! Love and miss you Jackie!

So, what did you think of K. Lee Graham's Miss Teen USA win? Did you think of our comments, the swimsuits, the gowns and the pageant in general? Leave a comment below and let's have a conversation!

Shandi and I are gonna start posting more vlogs so let us know if there's a topic that you want us to cover. We're open to suggestions! After all, this blog is for you : )