To Dethrone or Not To Dethrone?

...THAT is the question when the wrong girl wins a pageant.

Amanda Longacre was dethroned last June.

Amanda Longacre was dethroned last June.

We all wish this was something that never happened but it does. Scores are sometimes tabulated incorrectly and the wrong girl gets crowned...UGH. It happened in CA when the title of Miss CA USA 2008 erroneously went to Christina Silva. The real winner was Raquel Beezley. And who could forget what happened this past June when Amanda Longacre was dethroned as Miss Delaware because the directors messed up and let her compete even though she was a few months too old. Amanda sent in all the proper documentation (birth certificate, drivers license, etc.) just like all the other girls, was allowed to compete, won the pageant and THEN the pageant organizers realized she was too old! WHAT?!*$#% It happened yet again at the Miss FL pageant this year : (

Here's what we think: what do you think? Should pageant organizers fix the mistake or let it be? Let us know your thoughts and lets have an open discussion in the comment section below.

xo Susie & Shandi