5 Superfoods That Boost Metabolism

While fewer calories in your diet typically mean a trimmer waistline, you may be surprised to know that some calorie dense foods actually rev up your metabolism and help you burn fat and calories faster! Here are the best foods to fight belly fat and how to incorporate them into your diet...

Raw Organic Cacao - This superfood is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients! In addition, regular consumption significantly reduces the stress hormone in your body called cortisol. Recent studies have shown that stress is linked to a sluggish metabolism. Best way to incorporate this into your diet? Throw some in your morning smoothie (try it in our Green Goddess Smoothie) for a fast and easy way to kick your metabolism into high speed!

Cinnamon - This spice not only helps to regulate blood sugar levels, it also increases insulin levels in the body and increases the metabolism of glucose. High blood sugar can result in the body storing fat... and who wants that?! Not us! So we use cinnamon to help prevent storing fat and to help enable us to lose weight! It's easy to start eating more cinnamon. Sprinkle it on foods or even try our amazing Cinnamon Banana Smoothie when you're craving something sweet and delicious!

Cage Free/Hormone Free Eggs - Studies show that eating eggs can help you lose weight without trying! (Um, yes, please!!) They tend to be so fulfilling that we unknowingly eat fewer calories during the meals that follow later in the day! The healthiest way to eat these little guys is to hard boil them. They make great snacks throughout the day too, so boil some and keep them ready to eat in your fridge!

Green Tea - Not only does green tea tame your hunger pains, it also increases your metabolism to help burn fat. As an added benefit, it helps reduce your risk of heart disease and diabetes too! Try sipping a cup of green tea before your workouts to give you an extra energy boost.

Raw, Unsalted Nuts - Raw, unsalted nuts are packed full of health-benefiting nutrients that are great for glowing skin, a trim waistline and vibrant brain functions!  The wonderfully delicious pistachio nut top the charts when it comes to its benefits! Toss a few on your salads or keep a small bag of them around for your afternoon snack.

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Happy Eating!