Best Time Of Day For A Cheat Meal

Let's face it. We want to survive off of green veggies and lightly steamed fish all day. We really do! But realistically, sometimes that bag of chips or chocolate bar are just far too tempting to walk away from, no matter how hard we try! So the question then is... What time of day is best to sneak in that cheat meal, if you're going to do it? The answer may surprise you...

We've heard from trainers across the country for years that if you're going to indulge in something sinful, it's best to do so first thing in the morning, in order to have the rest of the day for your body to "burn it off." Sounds accurate, right? Wrong. Studies have shown that starting your day on an unhealthy note may lead to unhealthy behaviors later on in your day.

However you start your day, it tends to set your pace for the rest of the day. For example, if you were to have a doughnut or sweet pastry for breakfast, chances are, you will most likely choose poorly when deciding upon your lunch and dinner. Avoid this by starting your day right! Have some fresh, organic fruit to nibble on or try our Green Goddess Smoothie! This way, you know you will get all the good, nutritious vitamins and minerals your body needs! And it's those vitamins and minerals that will help you to digest the meals to come later in the day (perhaps even the cheat meal).

Starting on a healthy note will cause you to be more likely to make healthy decisions the rest of your day, studies show. You'll feel so great that you'll want to continue doing good things for your body (eating nutritious foods, taking a mid-day walk, hitting up a workout class after work)! Therefore, chances of partaking in a sinful treat are less likely, but even if you do, your body is now equipped to handle digesting it. It's a total win/win!!

So there ya have it. If you want a cheat treat, leave it for later in the day and if you still want it by then, go ahead and indulge a little! You earned it!

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Till next time... Happy eating!

XO, Shandi