Healthy, Dewy Skin

It's funny how we spend so much time "getting ready," with hopes of "looking natural." So many creams, blushes, powders and glosses are applied to our face with a desired outcome of natural, glowing skin. Well, here's a quick and easy way to achieve that look! It can cost as low as $5 and takes no more than 30 seconds. Crazy, right? Wait till you try it!

All those products we put on our faces to even out skin tone, add dimension and contouring, or make our cheeks look flushed... They all leave a powdery finish that can look heavy and unnatural. Most of us prefer to not have that powdery, makeup-y complexion, which looks even more chalky and matte when outside on a bright, sunny day! So how do we get the look of naturally beautiful skin that doesn't have a lot of makeup on? It's simple... MIST!

Misting should be the last step in your makeup routine. Not only does it help to set your makeup but it cuts down on that awful powder look and leaves you with healthy-looking, dewy skin!

If you want to give this a try, be sure to choose a product that disperses the water in a fine and even mist. You don't want big squirts of water blasting at your face and smearing your makeup! I like to use Evian Mineral Water Facial Spray.



Evian has been around for ages! Surely you've seen the little containers while checking out at a beauty supply store and thought "What the heck are those used for?" Well, now you know!



It's simple to use a facial mister!

1. Hold it about five or six inches away from your face and spritz face evenly.

2. Allow to dry. You can either fan it with your hand briefly, or gently press it into your skin, using your fingertips. By lightly pressing it into your skin, you will further eliminate any powery, chaulky mess.

Do you use a facial mist? If so, which one? And do you have any other ways you like to use your mist? Share below!


XO, Shandi