Spin Your Way To Thin

We are all looking for fun and new ways to lose calories, improve our cardiovascular health and tone our bodies more! Spinning is a great way to get your endorphins flowing and meet your fitness goals, all while having fun and grooving to some great music! More importantly though, here are 4 great reasons to sit in the spinning saddle...

1. You can burn anywhere between 400 to 600-plus calories, depending on your intensity. The interval training used in spinning classes gets the heart rate up so you burn more calories in less time. Not to mention, between the instructors motivating you, the music blasting great tunes and the change in lighting to meet your mood, you hardly even notice how much you're huffing and puffing and sweating all over the place until it's all over and the lights turn up, highlighting your shiny pink glow on your face!

2. It's a total body workout... Not just your legs! You'll feel it in your abs, your arms and your back as well! Not to mention, it's becoming more and more popular to see weights and resistance bands being used in spinning classes. The light hand weights may feel too easy in the beginning but trust us, after a few songs, they'll feel like bowling balls, no matter your strength level.

3. Your legs will get that defined, leaned out look we all want! This exercise is great for sculpting beautiful legs. There is an huge misconception that spinning will make your legs "bulk up." The interval training along with the upper body work that most studios practice allow you to tone and strengthen muscles you may not even know you had! All while creating a longer and leaner look overall.

4. The energy and motivation you get from the cyclists around you along with the music pumping will make the time fly by! You tend to push yourself harder in settings like cycling, where you can feel the team spirit of those around you. You're all in it together! Just hearing the person next to you shout out in anticipation and excitement for the next approaching hill to climb, you'll be having so much fun you won't be watching the minutes drag on!

Have you tried spinning before? If so, why do YOU love it? Let us know in the comments below!

Till text time...

XO, Shandi