Olive Oil Face Wash

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to get beautiful, glowing skin that's PH balanced, look no further than your own kitchen cabinet!  The new fad that's sweeping the beauty industry is using oils to wash your face. Sounds crazy, right? Oils? To clean your skin? Yup... I am here as a walking testament to the powers of using oils to take off makeup, clean your skin and leave it feeling fresh and beautiful!

Want to give it a go? You can truly use any olive oil you may have lying around but I've looked into which is considered one of the best and California Olive Ranch Everyday Virgin Olive Oil has come up over and over on the top of olive oil connoisseurs' lists!  In fact, it's the only one we use now in our kitchen... AND on my face!

California Olive Rance Everyday Virgin Olive Oil

Cheers, to a clean and glowing face!

XO, Shandi