From Oscars 2 Pageant Stage (video)

From Oscars 2 Pageant Stage (video)

Our top 6 red carpet gowns from the Oscars that we think would be AMAZING pageant gowns! With the Miss USA pageant just around the corner, we hope the girls are thinking outside the box when it comes to evening gown competition!!!


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Tip Talk Video: The Perfect Pageant Wardrobe

Last week, we sat down with former MUO state director (CA, NY, NH), Miss Teen USA 1995, Hollywood stylist and all around badass, Keylee Sanders, for a fashion "Tip Talk". Keylee is also a friend and my stylist when I shoot for Oxygen and we had just finished a fitting for an upcoming shoot so we asked her to share her expert advice on choosing the perfect pageant wardrobe.

We know how stressful it can be to decide on the perfect pageant wardrobe so we hope this discussion makes your journey a bit easier!