"I am forever grateful for the confidence I felt on and off the stage at Miss Nebraska USA and Miss USA thanks to Susie and Shandi. I truly appreciate their overall guidance, encouragements, and on stage question preparation. It’s a surreal honor to say that their coaching helped me to become apart of this sisterhood."

-Sarah Rose Summers, Miss USA 2018


"Shandi and Susie, I loved every second of our Skype sessions through interviewing, wardrobe, and runway discussions. I couldn't have asked for a better coaching  duo. Thank you for always making me believe I was "unstoppable." 

~ Tori Kruse, Miss Missouri USA 2018


"Thank you for everything. Thank you for believing in me when I didn't believe in me when I didn't even believe in myself. Thank you for pushing me, teaching me and encouraging me. Because of you, I get to live out my dream of going to Miss USA."

~ Lauren Weaver, Miss Arkansas 2018


"I walked away from the Top 5 Q&A completely confident in my performance because of the intense interview training I received from Susie and Shandi of Paleontology! Ladies, if you're looking to have your own "defining moment" at your next pageant --- Paleontology is the way to go!"

~ Regina Gray, Miss Wisconsin USA 2018


"Your advice was so helpful in developing a personal brand and improving my interview skills!"

~ Melanie Shaner, Miss Kansas USA 2018

“Tears tears tears. Shandi & Susie, your support is mind blowing. Both of you always knew she could do this. You molded and guided her to be her genuine self and that’s exactly what she did. We cannot thank you enough for everything.”

~ Nicole Davis, mom of Jenn Davis, Miss Missouri 2018


"Interviews and public speaking were the two areas of my life that I have seen grow the most after competing in pageants. Not only did Shandi and Susie give me pointers on how I could improve, but they were so encouraging every step of the way. They helped me feel confident and undaunted going into interview and final question. Thanks to them, I won the overall interview award at MHSA and when I spoke with the judges afterward they told me my final question is what sealed the deal! I mean it when I say I couldn't have done it without Shandi and Susie!"

-Katie Schaaf, Miss High School America 2017


"Over the past few months I've interviewed for Harvard, MIT, and several other schools and I felt very confident with all my interviews thanks to the tools I learned from you. I just heard the good news this week that I have received a full ride scholarship from Florida State University to study Engineering as a Presidential Scholar. Out of 42,000 applicants, only 13 women were selected for this scholarship and I know my interview helped me enormously. Thank-you again for all your help and guidance. You are teaching life skills and are really making a difference in young women's lives.”

-Hannah Kelsey, Miss Florida High School 2016 (Miss High School America top 15)


"AHHHHH!!! Thank you both times a million for your support, love, generosity and thoughtful gifts. I could not have done it without you both and I could not be more excited to join you in this sisterhood! I love you guys! Thank you for interview/final question coaching and for all your 1st hand knowledge and words of wisdom."

-Olivia Jordan, Miss USA 2015


"Ahhh, I'm Miss Teen USA!! My interview went amazing and so did top 5 question! I can't thank both of you enough for preparing me for that exact question! You two are the best, love you guys!"

-Katherine Haik, Miss Teen USA 2015


"It means the world to me that two women I admire so much have invested in me and my goals. Talking with you and hearing your advice has encouraged me so much and I know that it will help me succeed not just in pageantry, but in day-to-day life as well! Thank you again!"

-K. Lee Graham, Miss Teen USA 2014


"Interview was always the section I got the most nervous about  and I knew going into Miss Teen USA that'd be the portion I'd really need to focus on. Susie and Shandi provided me with some of the most amazing feedback, tips & tricks to be able to handle any table of judges! After just ONE session with them, I left feeling confident, ready to compete and genuinely excited for my one-on-one interview. Thank you Pageantology for being a BIG part of my preparation to the title of Miss Teen USA 2013! xo"

-Cassidy Wolf, Miss Teen USA 2013


"Susie and Shandi are the real deal! Their advice, tips and words of wisdom are honest, genuine, and on point. Thank you both for being so positive and helping me feel 100% confident going into interview and preparing for the oh-so-dreaded top 5 questions. Love you guys and thanks for being you!"

-Chelsea Hardin, Miss HI USA 2016 (Miss USA 1st Runner-Up)


"Honestly I don't even know what to say or how to start off writing this note to you guys other than...WE FREAKIN DID IT!!! I remember like it was just yesterday you telling me that I would have a crown on my head, and now I am going to MISS USA! Thank you so much for everything you both did to prepare me for Miss SC USA and can't wait to get started on getting ready for the big show!"

-Leah Lawson, Miss SC USA 2016 (Miss USA top 15)


"Your wisdom, your guidance, your expertise, your encouragement, and most importantly, your friendship!...I can't express my gratitude to you both enough. You guys have made the biggest impact on my life and I will forever be thankful! I can't wait to get started preparing for Miss Teen USA! (can you believe I just wrote that?!?! ALL thanks to YOU!)"

-Marley D'Lynn Stokes, Miss SC Teen USA 2016 (Miss Teen USA 2nd runner-up)


"Susie and Shandi truly know how to pull the best out of you. They challenge you to really think outside the box when it comes to preparing for your competition. Whether its interview, top 5 preparation, or even “competition swag” they are the girls you want on your team.  Their knowledge is an inspiration in itself, but they also know how to guide you while influencing you to stay true to yourself! I am so happy to have had the opportunity to work with them!!"

- Susie Leica, Miss MI USA 2016


"Words cannot describe how fortunate I feel to have had the opportunity to work with two of my favorite Miss USA's. You ladies were so amazing to work with and incredibly sweet. Thank you for being so helpful and giving me some of the best pageant advice I've ever received."

-Daniella Rodriguez, Miss TX USA 2016


"Dear Shandi & Susie: I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you helping my daughter, Savannah Giammarco, prepare for the 2015 Miss Connecticut Teen USA pageant. I know how much Savannah enjoyed working with you both and she learned so much from you ladies. You walked us through this entire process and helped both of us to feel more at ease.  I knew the first time that we all skyped together, that my daughter was in good hands.  I love that you both helped us with every aspect of the competition, from check in, rehearsals, interview, swimsuit, evening gown and the on stage question. You prepared Savannah for everything and even when we had some last minute things go awry, you were both so calm, cool, and collected which made us both feel the same way. I could see Savannah's confidence growing with every session that you had with her. As a mom you always want to see your daughter be the best that she can be and you both brought that out in her.  You are both so lovely and knowledgeable and you gave Savannah all the tools she needed to be successful and YES! on her first try she won!!  I know that Savannah could not have done it without you ladies and I am ever so grateful to you both.  Not only did you provide her with the skills to attain this goal and the title, but you taught her skills that will last well into her lifetime.  I would highly and absolutely recommend Pageantology to anyone who is preparing for a pageant.  You both made a world of difference.  I am proud to say that my daughter is a Pageantology girl!!  On to Miss Teen USA!!"

-Sandy Giammarco (2015 Miss CT Teen USA's mom)


"I LOVE Susie and Shandi and feel blessed to have been able to work with Pageantology while preparing for Miss Teen USA!! They are incredibly personable and have a way of making you feel comfortable and special from the first moment you meet them. Their knowledge and guidance with interview tips and on-stage questions was extremely helpful and I am grateful for the things they shared with me during our sessions. I am thankful for PageantoIogy and feel honored to call Susie and Shandi my friends!!"

-Melanie Mitchell, Miss CA Teen USA 2015


"Not only are Susie and Shandi PHENOMENAL pageant coaches, but they are wonderful women who have an infectious spark and light that radiates from within each of them that is truly palpable!! They possess keen insight and understand how to pinpoint one's strengths and help fine tune them, as well as give constructive critiques on areas that need tweaking. Melanie ended her Pageantology sessions feeling extremely confident and ready to walk into her Miss Teen USA Interview with her best foot forward."

-Maureen Mitchell (2015 Miss CA Teen USA's mom)


"Interview used to be my most dreaded competition in pageants. I'm happy to say that now it is my absolute favorite and the competition I look forward to the most, thanks to the wonderful Shandi and Susie." 

-Kenna Harke, Miss WI Teen USA 2015


"Cannot begin to describe how blessed we are to have our baby working with these amazing beautiful ladies. They have brought sooo much light to our girl Kenna and tears to my eyes! Everyone out there, you want to work with Pageantology! Their love, support and passion to help these ladies is endless." 

-Jennifer Harke (2015 Miss WI Teen USA's mom)


"The feeling of nailing my interview and making the top 15 at Miss Teen USA is something that I definitely owe a lot of credit to Susie and Shandi for! Even from across the country they still managed to get me 100% interview ready for the national competition. I know their insight will help me not only in pageantry, but also during both college and job interviews. I feel so blessed to have been able to work with two such incredible and successful women throughout my journey to the national stage!"

-Bailey Medeiros, Miss Massachusetts Teen USA 2014 (Miss Teen USA top 15)


"If I had to pick one thing that I did that helped to prepare me the most for Miss USA, it would have to be working with Pageantology. You can get all the advice you want from pageant directors and coaches, but who else can better prepare you than two women who have not only competed in Miss USA, but also won the title? Shandi and Susie are experts in what they do and after working with them for only a few hours I felt ten times more prepared and confident in myself to compete my best at the most prestigious pageant I have ever competed in. Thank you so much Shandi and Susie!"

-Cassandra Kunze, Miss California USA 2014 (Miss USA top 10 & Miss Photogenic)


"Preparing for nationals is a whirlwind and meeting with Shandi and Susie was definitely time valuably spent! They know how to focus on exactly what needs to be worked on and I left my sessions with them feeling like the most confident woman who could not only own a pageant stage but that was prepared to be successful in every way I wanted to be. I'm so grateful for my time spent with Pageantology!"

-Bianca Vierra, Miss California Teen USA 2014 (3rd runner-up to Miss Teen USA 2013)


"Shandi and Susie are both one of a kind. It is rare to find pageant coaching from two women who have actually competed and succeeded in the same thing you dream about becoming. I admire Shandi and Susie for helping me find my best self and helping to bring out my best qualities without changing them at all. Pageantology offers experience, guidance, friendship, and positive motivation throughout your entire journey and I could not be more lucky to have had them both as part of mine."

-Christina Zapolski, Miss South Carolina USA 2014 (Miss USA top 10)


"Thank you both for making the trip to Florida this past weekend.  I truly enjoyed the seminar and know that everyone, myself included, appreciated your help. I felt like I learned more in those few hours than I have in weeks with other coaches. And it doesn’t hurt that you both have such wonderful and genuine personalities—it’s incredibly refreshing!"

-Ashleigh Lollie, Miss Florida USA 2015


"Before I met with Susie and Shandi, I was in the "fog". I couldn't get out of my head and found myself panicking about interview and couldn't spit the right words out. I owe them everything! Pageantology gave me the confidence I needed to go into interview and take the crown. Pageantology was the deep breath I needed to take to get me out of the fog, and put the crown on my head. I owe Susie and Shandi everything!! Xoxox"

- Caroline Lunny, Miss Massachusetts USA 2014


"You can't ask for a more motivating experience than spending a cozy afternoon with not one but TWO former Miss USAs. Getting feedback from awesome women that graced the Miss USA, Miss Universe, and Miss America stages, who have been in my shoes, had setbacks and pushed just as hard for their goals, was so incredibly motivating. While still in a small group setting, everyone received individualized feedback on everything from the interview to the walk. It was great to be put on the spot to practice a live panel interview in front of other competitors I barely knew! This year I placed as the 3rd Runner-Up in the 2014 Miss Massachusetts USA Pageant - the best I've performed in my three years of competing! I can't wait until Pageantology makes a stop in Massachusetts again, as it truly is an amazing experience for anyone's pageant journey!"

- Gina Lewis, 3rd Runner-Up-Miss Massachusetts USA 2014


"Your workshops are always so empowering and fun! I absolutely think you guys are the worlds best pageant coaches! Thank you so much for investing time in me and so many other pageant girls! You guys have the perfect balance of being encouraging while also pointing out areas that need to be worked on!"

- Sarah Becker, St. Louis, MO 2015 Workshop Attendee


"Working with Shandi to prepare for Miss Nebraska USA was the best decision I've ever made. She made me feel like I was the most important client she was working with at all times. There was never a second wasted during our sessions and I learned so much from her. She genuinely cared about me and my journey and was so easy to get in touch with about ANYTHING. I was able to carry over the things she taught me to Miss USA, where I placed in the Top 20. If you want to win, head to Shandi and Pageantology!" 


- Amanda Soltero, Miss NE USA 2014 (Miss USA finalist)


"I wanted to thank you for the work you did with Amanda this year in helping her win the title of Miss Nebraska USA. You must have a gift of reading personalities, because you knew that she was the kind of girl who needed a plan to follow. It kept her focused so she didn’t get distracted or intimidated at how awesome the other girls were. I always told her that she needed to swim in her own lane, but it didn’t resonate with her. Whatever you told her, did. And I am so happy for that. She had so much confidence and was so calm about everything that weekend."

-Sharon Soltero (Amanda's mom)


"Susie and Shandi shaped and molded me as I began my journey into pageantry. Both encouraged me to determine my purpose, goals, passion and drive to pursue my dreams. All areas of competition were covered: physical fitness, interview, stage presence and wellness. They motivated me to believe in myself I went on to win the title of National American Miss Missouri Junior Teen 2013, I went on to place second runner up at National American Miss Nationals in 2013. Thank you Susie and Shandi for believing in me and helping me become the best person I can be! This is just the beginning of my journey and I plan to continue working with you to reach for the stars."

Emily Bray, National American Miss MO Junior Teen 2013


"THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Emily had a blast at your workshop and learned so much. I can't wait until you are in town again. Emily had a pageant and she rocked it! She did not capture the crown but she held her own among some super talented ladies. Emily learned a lot from your workshop and I am thankful that she had the opportunity to attend."

-Michelle Bray (Emily Bray's mom)


"Thank you both again for an amazing workshop! I really really enjoyed working with you guys because of your ability to see the strengths and potential in all of the girls (including me!) that attended. That meant so much to me. You guys are truly incredible! Please continue to touch more lives by doing what you do best!"

-Chrissy Reynoso, Miss United States Intercontinental 2013